Founded in 1995, we are backed with 7 years of industry experience in providing a full line of world patented universal wiring solutions to individual users and businesses across all industry domains. We distinguish ourselves in innovation, quality, versatility, usability, and customer support - a combination that can't be beat.

Today, millions of world business travelers are relying on our innovative universal wiring solutions to keep their notebook computers, business machines, high-tech gears, and personal appliances powered when travel worldwide.

Product companies, for the first time ever, are able to design and build 'Power-Wiring Friendly' products that can easily be configured to work with various power configuration standards worldwide. Compared to the traditional re-wiring and/or running country-specific production lines, our patented innovations offer unprecedented and unparalleled ROI returns - including both bottom-line cost savings, from streamlined production and inventory management, and top-line business agility and competitiveness increase with expedited time-to-market and market expansion.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise AdapterWorld has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!










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