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The WE Series represents the world's most versatile and configurable universal power strips. Its patented modular receptacle framework can be configured with different types of receptacles including our most popular and patented universal receptacles. Furthermore, the versatility of WE series is extended through its patented detachable power cord design, which enables easy change of different country power cords to the same power strip. Available in 3-gang or 6-gang models, the WE series is the ideal companion to support business activities worldwide, such as international tradeshows, where multiple outlets are required to receive both your domestic and foreign plugs.

The unique design of WE-Series universal power strips let you convert any country-specific outlet into multiple universal outlets. Each universal outlet on the WE power strip is a modular R-Series universal receptacle component providing unprecedented quality, reliability, and durability.

The patented detachable power cord design of WE-Series power strip is made possible with our WSP/WSR secure locking mechanism. With a simple slide-to-lock or unlock motion, you can easily replace the power cord of a WE series power strip from one country type to another in seconds. This unique design vastly increases the configurability and applicability of the WE series power strip for all scenarios.

It is the ideal companion for attending business activities worldwide such as exhibitions and conventions. All 6-gang WE-series power strip models come with built-in surge absorber, no fuse circuit breaker for the maximum protection.





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